Ultimate Group Class

The Ultimate Group Class focuses on high intensity functional training; it is the quickest method to shred your body fat down*. Functional training increases strength in those areas, which are naturally powerful, and also decreases the chances of injuries.

Natural movements when combined with resistance make the body work harder, so when the resistance is removed, those natural movements become easier.

This is how functional training works and increases your strength in short periods of time. Non-stop repetitive movements with power bags and high intensity spinning or sprints allow the heart to work at a high yet steady rate, and this increases the cardiovascular effects. You will notice that your energy levels are higher and your heart and lungs operate more efficiently, and all of this improves your mental alertness too.

Your experience with the Ultimate Group Class will bring you into a fitness-focused family, where each individual motivates and helps the other overcome hurdles. Test your limits and push beyond them, and conquer your goals in a supportive environment. Involve your friends and bring them to a call, so they get an idea of what it takes to completely transform yourself in 10 weeks.*

*Actual results of the 10 week transformation program may vary. Please consult us first so we can give you an indication of how we can further cater our program to your needs