I had just relocated and needed to get fitter and get in shape and also wanted to do some networking and meet some like-minded people. This program was the perfect opportunity for me. I’ve always been interested in healthy living and being in shape but never really had the knowledge on how to get started and continue to build on it.

The guys at Total Body Transformation were awesome, my trainer was like a gym buddy, our workouts were always challenging but I really looked forward to them each day. The rest of the participants were all really great people, some of whom I would meet up and train with outside of the program, which was really cool for a new guy in a city. I made some friends, as you can see in the pictures I dropped some weight and gained muscle mass.

I really felt like I was part of a fitness ‘community’ with Total Body Transformation and learnt so much. Definitely sticking at it for another couple of transformations to see how much further I can push myself. Nothing beats feeling this great, physically and mentally.


* Actual results of the 10 week transformation program may vary. Please consult us first so we can give you an indication of how we can further cater our program to your needs.