I have two small children and am constantly on the go with them, so taking care of myself slipped off the radar. It was time to do something for ME, so I did! My trainer was amazing at working out times that would fit in best with the kids and me. And it’s amazing how much happier and less stressed I am now that I feel good within myself.. THANK YOU Total Body Transformation!!

I lost a whopping 13kg and 7.5% body fat and saw a significant increase in muscle mass. I feel attractive, I feel good putting on clothing I would otherwise have felt self-conscious in, I’m not trying to cover certain parts of my body with my arms in pictures etc. anymore. I am SO much more confident, feeling great and just ecstatic with my results.

To all the Mom’s out there who think this may be too hard to fit into your busy daily routines, it’s not! You CAN do it.. 6 months from now you’ll wish you started 6 months ago!!


* Actual results of the 10 week transformation program may vary. Please consult us first so we can give you an indication of how we can further cater our program to your needs.