These are my before and after photos from the 10 Week Total Body Transformation. I pinch myself when I look at these, I can’t believe the dramatic change I can see in my body from that first photo.

I joined the program(the first photo), mainly looking to lose weight and that’s it. In my 10-week photo I was down 10kgs! I have rejoined the next intake to further my results and love being a part of the program and the atmosphere it provides.

Not only am I dropping the weight, which was my goal, but I am noticing more tone and definition in my body. I feel great; it’s such a confidence booster seeing my body transform in a way I honestly didn’t believe it could. I was a heavy smoker and never played sports so every session I am amazed at the limits my body can go to, thanks to the encouragement of my amazing trainer. It’s the best feeling realising that I am capable of doing and achieving things that I really never thought I could or would ever feel comfortable doing.

I want to say a huge thank you to chase for this opportunity to change my lifestyle for the better you really have impacted my life in every way possible! I don’t know one person from our group that took part in the 10-week transformation who regretted joining up! THANK YOU ☺

* Actual results of the 10 week transformation program may vary. Please consult us first so we can give you an indication of how we can further cater our program to your needs.