I can’t believe how much my life has changed in the last 6 months but it definitely has been a journey of a lifetime!

I started this after a rather humiliating experience that forced me to look at the way I was treating my body. Lets just say I shouldn’t have been a ‘ring girl’ at a boxing event at that time! I contacted chase they very next day and told him I needed to make a change.

Starting this transformation was exciting! I was full of energy and had high hopes but as the day passed it grew harder and harder I started to doubt whether I could make it to the end. Thanks to Chase’s support of chase, I managed to push through the first couple of weeks.  He really pushed me and challenged me right on from our first meeting.

That was when I started noticing the way my body was changing and adjusting to this new routine. I felt fantastic, the best I had felt in very long time! By the time the 10 weeks were over, I knew my transformation had only just begun. It had given me a whole new perspective on physical exercise and most importantly, on nutrition.

For me, this was not just a 10-week challenge; it was an introduction to complete change of life style. So I signed up again for another round. I lost a further 6.3% body fat, 9.5cm from my waist and 6.5cm from my hips. Results I thought were never possible. I am constantly surprising myself, raising the bar and beating it every time. It took me a crowd of people to tell I was not in the best shape, but I will always be thankful for that day.

* Actual results of the 10 week transformation program may vary. Please consult us first so we can give you an indication of how we can further cater our program to your needs.